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Local Courier, National Distributor

Express Plus is a newly formed logistics company in London, Ontario. Our distribution services range from a cost-effective local courier service to deliveries of every size nation-wide. It is our goal to have you witness the positive changes that can be made to an industry that has never before seen the use of social media and other innovations to foster and grow relationships. Express Plus continues to place an emphasis on finding environmentally friendlier ways to do business in the transportation industry while still making it priority number one that your package will arrive on time and that our service eclipses that of our competitors.

Courier & Delivery Services

If you are looking for cost-effective, reliable courier or delivery service - you are in the right place! Express Plus offers access to tracking technology for all of its clients, ensuring a transparent and consistent service. Read more about our services and become the next member of the family today!

Meet The Team

The team at Express Plus prides itself on the relationships we have built with our clients. Become our friend on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check us out on Linked-In. Get to know us today!